GEOFEN Drainage Board

It is a protective layer that is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), resistant to plant roots and rot, and separates the curtain wall from the soil by protecting it from water and moisture. Both protective and insulation due to its bubbly structure It is used as a tool.

Drainage Board; Produced from high density polyethylene material, it provides the drainage of the water by separating the soil from the building with its bubbly structure. It protects the thermal and waterproofing materials on the curtain concrete from the mechanical effects of soil filling, plant roots and various chemicals. Drainage boards used instead of lean concrete in terrace garden applications and floors without static load do not have a damaging effect on the environment and provide versatile savings with their functional features. Drainage board provides protection of your building from the harmful effects of water, soil and other chemicals thanks to the correct application.

  • It protects the foundation concrete against water and moisture rising from the ground.
  • It is a versatile product that can be applied on curtain walls and protects the boarding by taking the soil load.
  • It protects the waterproofing from damages that may occur during soil filling.
  • The air between the bubbles allows the curtain wall to breathe.
  • It provides equal distribution of the pressure given by the soil load.
  • It distributes the load that may occur at some point.


To protect the water and heat insulation applied in the curtain insulation of buildings; It is also recommended to use the water to drain from the drain pipe by filtering from the curtain surface with the help of geotextile.

  • Foundations, curtain, terrace roofs and floors
  • It is used for water removal on highways, railways and tunnels.
  • While filling the soil, water and heat insulationprotects.
  • The air trapped between the bubbles makes the curtain wall breath allows it to receive.
  • By providing equal distribution of the pressure given by the soil load, it distributes the load that may occur at one point and at the same time allows the water to drain.


It is produced in 2 x 20 m or 2 x 3 m rolls.
It is stored upright and outdoors when necessary.

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