Geotextile Drainage Boards

Geotextile Drainage Sheets with its integrated geotextile cover, it prevents the waste space around the bubble from being blocked. It has high drainage capacity. The air gap between the bubbles ensures that the flowing water is drained safely and the structure is protected. The drainage board has extremely high compressive strength and important technical features in tunnel and infrastructure applications.

Geotextile Drainage Boards; are preferred with high drainage performance in under roads, parking areas, bridges and garages.

Technical Specifications

Plate Raw Material HDPE
Geotextile Raw Material PP
Plate Color Black
Geotextile Color Silver, Grey
Sheet Thickness 0.6mm
Geotextile Weight 136 g/m²
Roll Width 2.0 – 2.4m
Roll Length 12.5m
Roll Weight 22.15 kg
Bubble Height 10mm
Bubble Space 3.360 Per m²
Air Gap Between Bubbles 7.9 l/m²
Drain Capacity 4.8 l/s/m
288 l/min/m
17,300 l/h/m
Geotextile Permeability 85 l/m²/h
Compressive Strength 400 kN/m² – 650 kN/m²(40 t/m²)
Application Temperature 40 °C to +80 °C
Alerts Protect From Drinking Water