GEOFEN EPDM Geomembrane

Epdm Based Membrane

Geofen EPDM is a synthetic rubber made of Geomembrane, Ethylene and Propylene.

Geofen EPDM Geomembrane is extremely durable offering excellent resistance to ozone, UV radiation, aging and chemical abrasion, and is one of the most popular rubber products for use in outdoor applications, as it offers exceptional weather resistance.



  • It is durable by virtue of the special resin comprising of antioxidant and carbon black mixture.
  • It features high resistance and elongation values.
  • It is resistant against chemical impacts.
  • It features high UV resistance by virtue of the carbon black content.
  • By virtue of the special welding method, it enables performance of air pressure, abrasion and peeling tests from its joints.
  • The large roll size enables rapid and practical implementation opportunity for large-scale projects.
  • It is applicable at high oblique areas with products having rough surfaces on single side or both sides.
  • Materials with lower density (LLDPE, VLDPE) can also be produced for utilization options at different applications.


Geofen EDPM is applied by combining the strips on the roof or terrace or by laying the pre-assembled / prepared EPDM Membrane as panels, in the size of the surface to be insulated.

It is used in the following areas.

  • Building foundations
  • Basement floors
  • Roofs – Terraces
  • Swimming pool and Production pools
  • Dam bodies
  • Ponds – Water tanks
  • Water reservoirs
  • Irrigation channels
  • Waste landfills
  • Irrigation channels


The materials are shipped in rolls of 1.6 – 2.1 m width and 20-25 m length.

The materials should be stored on flat ground and indoors. Stored products should be kept away from direct sunlight, heat and sources of ignition.

If PVC cover rolls need to be stored outdoors for a long time, they should be covered to protect them from sunlight. Smoking should not be allowed within the storage area.

  • Technical Information
  • Geofen EPDM Geomembrane has a unique ability to withstand mechanical stresses such as pressure and movements. This provides unique benefits as a geomembrane that will be exposed to settlements and movements on earth. EPDM membrane remains extremely flexible even at very low temperatures (up to -40 ° C) and provides year-round installation in a variety of climates.

    EPDM is not subject to stress cracking and does not have a yield point like thermoplastic materials. Your EPDM coatings allow it to withstand indoor and outdoor environments without showing signs of deterioration.

    EPDM rubber membrane is a good choice for the environment. The membrane does not contain any harmful substances to the environment and emits no chemicals or emissions throughout its life.

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