Geomat Erosion Control

GeoMat Erosion Control is an erosion control product produced from polypropylene, used to prevent surface erosion that may be caused by wind and water before planting on sloping surfaces. GeoMat is a multi-layered erosion control material with three layers of integral and rigid ducts made of polypropylene to form a random open structure. The outer two layers are flat, while the middle grid layer is corrugated.

Application and Usage Areas

It is fixed to properly compacted, smooth (rough and not protruding) soils on slopes with U-shaped fasteners. With the anchor trenches created, the materials are fixed to the ground.

  • On road and railway slopes
  • On the pond canal shore slopes
  • On dry channel bottoms and slopes


  • As there is no need for an expert application team, it saves application labor.
  • Long-lasting thanks to the raw materials and production technology used.
  • Contributes to environmental protection by preventing erosion and creating infrastructure for greening.
  • Because it also allows greening, it looks aesthetically pleasing.

Technical Specifications

GM 1 GM 2
Eye Opening (mm) 12 16 7 9
Tensile Strength (kN/m) 10 15 3,8 13
Yield Elongation (%) 20 15 23 23
Thickness (mm) 20 20 8 8
Roll size (m) 2.20 x 30 2.20 x 30 2.20 x 50 2.20 x 50
Color Black Black Green Green

Packaging and Storage

GeoMat Erosion Control is shipped in rolls of 2 – 3 m width and 30 – 50 m length.

Materials should be stored on level ground and in a closed area. Stored products should be kept away from direct sunlight, heat and ignition sources.