Geocomposites are materials developed for double or unidirectional geogrid needs in various infrastructure applications, offering separation, drainage and strength properties with a single product. It is formed by combining polyester geogrids, which are knitted in a rectangular shape and covered with PVC, with geotextile during production. It provides high performance thanks to a specially designed sewing method so that it can be more robust at the node points.

Application and Usage Areas

Geocomposites produced unidirectionally or bidirectionally according to the need in the project, in general; It is designed for stabilization between fill layers of different grain diameters or between weak soil and granular fill.

  • Runway, apron and taxiway foundations at airports,
  • Construction of foundation drainage system in airport projects
  • In railway new line construction applications
  • In high speed railway construction applications
  • Applications to be made on weak ground on highways,
  • Filling works of highway widening projects
  • As a deck in ground pile applications
  • It is used in the foundations of container storage areas, ports and industrial structures.


  • While it offers all the features of geogrids, it also works for drainage and separation purposes.
  • Providing the performance of two separate products in a single product, it provides ease of application and labor savings.
  • Applied on weak soils with water problems, it prevents the granular filling from sinking into the bottom layer of the ground.


Product Types

Bidirectional Geocomposites

  • GC BX 20/20 P (20 kN/m / 20 kN/m)
  • GC BX 30/30 P (30 kN/m / 30 kN/m)
  • GC BX 40/40 P (40 kN/m / 40 kN/m)
  • GC BX 60/60 P (60 kN/m / 60 kN/m)
  • GC BX 80/80 P (80 kN/m / 80 kN/m)
  • GC BX 100/100 P (100 kN/m / 100 kN/m)
  • GC BX 120/120 P (120 kN/m / 120 kN/m)
  • GC BX 150/150 P (150 kN/m / 150 kN/m)

Unidirectional Geocomposites

  • GC UX 20 P (20 kN/m)
  • GC UX 30 P (30 kN/m)
  • GC UX 40 P (40 kN/m)
  • GC UX 60 P (60 kN/m)
  • GC UX 80 P (80 kN/m)
  • GC UX 100 P (100 kN/m)
  • GC UX 120 P (120 kN/m)
  • GC UX 150 P (150 kN/m)
  • GC UX 200 P (200 kN/m)

Packaging and Storage

Geocomposites are produced as rolls with a maximum width of 6 m and a length of 50 m. Each roll is shipped in a UV-protected package.

It is recommended to put up to 6 rows in case of stacking, and if the roll widths are shorter (up to 2 m), it is recommended to load and store the rolls vertically.