Uniaxial Geogrid

Uniaxial Geogrid are high strength materials developed for unidirectional geogrid needs in various applications of civil engineering. It is produced by knitting polyester microfibres in the form of rectangles and covering them with PVC. It provides high performance thanks to a specially designed sewing method to be more durable at the knots.

Uniaxial Geogrid are knitted type geogrids with tensile stress in one direction significantly higher than tensile stress in the opposite direction.

Application and Usage Areas

Unidirectional Geogrid is used in applications such as slope stabilization and reinforced retaining structure systems (GeoArme) where strength is required in one direction.

(GeoArme Retaining Structure Systems) general usage areas of reinforced retaining structure systems with fast and economical application possibility, safe earthquake behavior, flexible structure, resistant to settlements and at the same time aesthetic appearance:

  • Divided road widening works
  • On the approach walls of bridged intersections
  • In places where expropriation will be made
  • Works to gain space
  • On the bridge edge footwalls
  • On bridge elevation walls
  • Used in park and garden walls.


One Way Geogrid; It is durable, long-lasting, reliable, low-cost and resistant to seismic and dynamic loads. When the fill or granular material is laid on the geogrid, the grains of the fill material are fully interlocked with the openings of the geogrid.

One-Way Geogrid ensures that this tension is met inside the pores, forming a unity with the filling material. Thus, the tensile and shear stresses on the ground are met by the geogrid, forming a reinforced platform.

Packaging and Storage

Unidirectional Geogrid is produced in rolls with a maximum width of 6 m and generally 100 m in length. Each roll is shipped in a UV-protected package.

It is recommended to put up to 6 rows in case of stacking, and if the roll widths are shorter (up to 2 m), it is recommended to load and store the rolls vertically.

Technical Specifications

Products Standart (TS EN ISO 10319)
Tensile Strength (kN/m) Elongation at Nominal Strength (%)
GG 40/20 P 40 20 12(±2) 12(±2)
GG 60/20 P 60 20 12(±2) 12(±2)
GG 80/30 P 80 30 12(±2) 12(±2)
GG 100/30 P 100 30 12(±2) 12(±2)
GG 150/30 P 150 30 12(±2) 12(±2)
GG 120/30 P 120 30 12(±2) 12(±2)
GG 150/50 P 150 50 12(±2) 12(±2)
GG 200/50 P 200 50 12(±2) 12(±2)