HDPE Geomembrane


HDPE Membrane, is a geomembrane material made of high-density polyethylene, which provides impermeability in projects such as regular solid waste storage areas, mine waste storage areas, acid pools, tank areas, ponds and irrigation channels. It is produced as resistant to chemical, biological, mechanical effects and UV thanks to its special resin with antioxidant and carbon black mixture used in its production.

Application and Usage Areas

HDPE Membrane can be used quickly and safely in large-area projects that require resistance to chemical, biological, mechanical effects and UV, thanks to its large roll sizes. It is used in the following areas.

  • Regular solid waste landfills
  • Mining waste landfills
  • Acid pools
  • Tank yards
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Irrigation channels
  • Pond projects


  • It is long-lasting thanks to its special resin containing antioxidant and carbon black.
  • It has high strength and elongation values.
  • Resistant to chemical effects.
  • It has high UV resistance thanks to its carbon black.
  • Thanks to its special welding method, it provides the opportunity to perform air pressure stripping and peeling tests from the joints.
  • The size of the roll sizes makes the application fast and practical in large-area projects.
  • It can also be applied in high slope areas with products with roughness on one or both sides.
  • Low density (LLDPE, VLDPE) materials can also be produced for use options in different applications.

Packaging and Storage

The materials are shipped in rolls with a width of 7 – 9.5 m and a length of 100 – 200 m.

Materials should be stored on a flat surface. Stored products should be kept away from direct sunlight, heat and ignition sources. If the rolls need to be stored in the open for a long time, they should be covered to protect them from sunlight. Smoking should not be allowed in the storage area.

Technical Specifications

Thickness ASTM D 5199 mm 0.75 – 3.00
Density ASTM D 1505 g/cm³ ≥ 0.94
Current strength ASTM D 6693 type IV kN/m 12-45
Flow elongation ASTM D 6693 type IV % ≥ 12
Tear strength ASTM D 6693 type IV kN/m 24-80
Elongation at break ASTM D 6693 type IV % ≥ 750
Tear strength ASTM D 1004 N 95-380
Puncture strength ASTM D 1603 N 280-1000
Oxidation induction time (OIT) ASTM D 3895 min ≥100