It is a continuous surface used to separate two different types of floors. It resists the tensile forces spread out in the ground mass and acts as a reinforcing element. Filter properties can be used for pollution purposes. While it prevents the passage of solid particles, it remains sufficiently permeable to liquid and gas. It has hydraulic and mechanical level functions. It is the protective and separating layer.

It is used for insulation of vertical and horizontal surfaces, pond and tunnel lining to increase the double-sided durability and flexibility of the geomembrane material.

The fiber-containing structure of the geotextile makes it possible to radiate concentrated forces. It also counteracts the tensile forces dispersed in the ground mass and acts as a reinforcing element. It can be used for pollution purposes due to its geotextile filter properties. While it prevents the passage of solid particles, it remains sufficiently permeable to liquid (water) and gas (air). Under certain conditions these products can carry a significant amount of water across its surface and therefore act by taking up drainage elements.


For Filter Purposes; In engineering applications, when coarse and fine materials are used together, it is used as a filter material in order to prevent the fine material from clogging the pores of the other material or to prevent washing.

For Protection; Due to its high puncture resistance; It protects the underlying materials from impacts, allows the materials to work differently and prevents the cement slurry from flowing down by being used on the thermal insulation plates in flat roof applications.

Separation Purpose; It is used under the foundation in structures that are planned to be built on weak floors, it prevents the building foundation from laying on the ground,
It provides stabilization and reduces the risk of unexpected different settlements.

It is used as filter and bedding material in coastal structures to prevent displacement of filling material due to wave movements. Separates coarse and fine filter materials used in filling competently,
It prevents the fine material from mixing with the coarse material with the suction power arising from wave movements.

    • In Tunnels
    • In the drainage of groundwater
    • Where it is not desired to perforate the insulation material
    • It is used for slope arrangement.
    • Made using pure polypropylene fiber.
    • It has a structure where the fibers are distributed homogeneously with high needling and superior production technology.
    • With the ability to produce up to 6 m width, it provides the advantage of fast application with minimum one thousand material and labor savings in large areas.
    • It is stronger than standard geotextiles due to the heat treatment applied during production

    • Materials are shipped in rolls with a width of 1 – 6 m and a length of 30 – 200 m.
    • Materials should be stored on flat ground and indoors.
    • Smoking should not be allowed within the storage area.
    • The stored products should be kept away from direct sunlight, heat and sources of ignition.

      Geotextile has hydraulic and mechanical functions

        1. Drain
        2. Filtration
        3. Allocation
        4. Protection
        5. Boost

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