PP NonWoven Geotextiles

PP Nonwoven Geotextiles is a nonwoven textile product produced in white color by the method of needling pure polypropylene-based fibers much thinner than millimeters and applying heat treatment.

Application and Usage Areas

For Filter Purpose

In engineering applications, when coarse and fine materials are used together, it is used as a filter material in order to prevent the fine material from clogging the pores of the other material or washing out.

PP Non Woven Geotextiles, recommended as a filter and bedding material in the effective control and direction of water, are used in the following areas:

  • In the French drain canal
  • Green roof drainage
  • Perforated pipe coatings
  • Vertical applications such as tunnels and retaining walls
  • In coastal structures

For Separation Purpose

  • It is used under the foundation in buildings that are planned to be built on weak soils, preventing the foundation of the building from falling on the ground, providing the stabilization of the ground and reducing the risk of unexpected different settlements.
  • It is used as a filter and bedding material in coastal structures to prevent the displacement of the filling material due to wave movements. It separates the coarse and fine filter materials used in the filling competently, prevents the fine material from mixing with the coarse material with the suction power arising from the wave movements.

For Protection Purpose

Due to its high puncture resistance; By being used on the thermal insulation boards in terrace roof applications, it protects the underlying materials from impacts, allows the materials to work differently and prevents the cement slurry from flowing down.

  • Due to its pressure spreading effect, it is used in building foundations to protect waterproofing applications.
  • Protects geomembranes applied in open areas against tearing or damage caused by puncture and excessive friction.

The geotextile, which is brought as a roll on the prepared surface, should be laid taut to ensure full contact with the surface. In order to prevent the geotextile from slipping during filling, it should be applied by overlapping the previous geotextile by at least 25 cm.


  • Produced using pure polypropylene fiber.
  • It has a structure that ensures homogeneous distribution of fibers with its frequent needling and superior production technology.
  • With the possibility of production up to 6 m wide, it provides the advantage of fast application with minimum material and labor savings in large areas.
  • Because of the heat treatment applied during production, it is more durable than standard geotextiles.

Packaging and Storage

The materials are shipped in rolls with a width of 1 – 6 m and a length of 30 – 200 m.
Materials should be stored on flat ground and indoors.
Smoking should not be allowed in the storage area.
Stored products should be kept away from direct sunlight, heat and ignition sources.