HDPE or PE produced cell system

Geocell is a material created by ultrasonic or thermal welding of strips produced from HDPE or PE alloy raw material at certain intervals. When the panels are stretched open, they become a cellular structure. These cells can be used as a kind of flower pot that can be filled with material in slope applications.

When the geocell working press is applied on the slope, a surface resistant to the erosion effect of rain and wind is formed. This surface prevents material on the natural slope surface from flowing down. It reduces the flow rate of rain and breaks the carrier effect of water. When greening is achieved, soil, geocells and plants together form a composite resistance layer.

  • Since there is no need for an expert application team, it saves on application labor.
  • It is long-lasting thanks to the raw material and production technology used.
  • It contributes to environmental protection by preventing erosion and creating infrastructure for greening.
  • It also looks aesthetically beautiful as it also allows for greening.


It is fixed with U-shaped fasteners on the smooth (not rough and protruding) soils that are properly compacted on the slopes.

With the anchor ditches created, the materials are fixed to the ground.

  • On highway and railway slopes
  • On the pond canal shore slopes
  • Dry channel bottoms and slopes
  • Creating a permanent soil structure
  • In ground stabilization


Geocell is shipped in pallets. Materials should be stored on a flat surface and in a closed area. Stored products should be kept away from direct sunlight, heat and sources of ignition.

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