Uni-Bi Axial Geogrids

Uni-Axial Geogrids, are high strength geogrids, specifically developed for uniaxial requirements in various civil engineering applications. These geogrids are manufactured with the method of weaving polyester micro yarns in rectangular shape and coating with PVC. They provide high performance through a sewing method specially designed to be more resistant at the node points. 

Uni-Axial Geogrids, are woven type geogrids having significantly higher tensile stress in one direction compared to the tensile stress in the opposite direction.

Bi-Axial Geogrids is a specially developed high-strength geogrid for stabilization purposes where strength is required in both directions.

  • Geogrids; durable, long-lasting, reliable, low cost and resistant to seismic and dynamic loads.
  • When filling or granular material is laid on the geogrid, the grains of the filling material are fully interlocked with the openings of the geogrid.
  • Geogrids create an integrity with the filling material by meeting this tension in the pores.
  • Thus, the tensile and shear stresses to the ground are met by the geogrid and a reinforced platform is formed.


Geogrids are used in applications such as retaining structure systems (GeoArme) equipped with slope stabilization where strength is required in one or two directions.

It has fast and economical application possibility, safe earthquake behavior, flexible structure, resistant to settlements and at the same time aesthetic appearance.

It is used in the following areas.

  • In the split path expansion works
  • On the approach walls of bridge intersections
  • In places where expropriation will take place
  • For works to gain space
  • In bridge abutment walls
  • On the bridge elevation walls
  • In the park garden walls


Materials are shipped in rolls of 6 – 9.5 m width and 100 – 200 m length.

Materials should be stored on a flat surface. Stored products should be kept away from direct sunlight, heat and sources of ignition. If your rolls are exposed
If they need to be stored for a long time, they should be covered to protect them from sunlight. Smoking should not be allowed within the storage area.

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